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A Little Less Green

I don’t care a whole lot for being new to something.

I really don't like the learning curve.

I am one of those people who likes to be in the know.

I love the behind scenes, the details of why something came to be.

I like that sense of familiarity when I don’t need the map to acclimate to my surroundings, I have discovered the back roads, found the hidden gems, learned

the ropes.

Because that says I am integrated now, I have moved beyond.

Haven’t we all experienced this new at some point in our lives?

We've been the new one, the yet to be known one, the one needing to be shown the ropes. But we desire to be “in” on the happenings, and don’t we prefer to be just a little less green?

New though is exciting, it keeps us fresh, and challenges who we are, and allows for deeper experiences, new ways of looking at things, and for people and places to rub off on us imparting a little bit of wisdom along the way.

And change is as good as a rest so the saying goes.

This then is my offering to those of you who might also find themselves on the brink of new.

This is simply my own foray into a new venture of voice acting, delving into this crazy world of voiceover, sharing my insights and thoughts.

I have found the voiceover community to be a wonderful mix of creatives, friendly without a doubt, and incredibly welcoming.

There are forums for all kinds of technical queries, rates questions and best business practices. I use them and they are useful.

But it occurred to me, that while there is a plethora of folk further along the road than myself (of course that's true of anything in life), I wondered if anyone else was struggling with this desire to both achieve my goal against the reality of not seeing much actual work come along.

My blog, which will land on a regular schedule here shortly, is my attempt to share the struggles and experiences as I walk this road – be it to encourage or say, " I get it, You too?"

Because we all need someone now and then to help us feel not quite so new.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey of discovery into all things voice.

Maybe I'll even share a hidden gem or two.......

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