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A little about me:

What feels like a lifetime ago, I moved with our young family across the pond to America from London.

Making that permanent move was exciting,  but so worth it and incredibly stretching. Travel broadens the mind after all.

Living in a completely different culture, and learning to adapt helped me to connect quickly with people.

I'm a highly relational person and love to hear people's stories, so it was easy to lean in, listen, and connect.


I believe that we all have stories inside of us waiting to be told, which is just one of the many reasons why I love to narrate, connect to the story, and bring words on the page alive. 


As a young girl, I loved acting, narrating, and being on stage. My first role age 5, was as the head of an enormous Chinese dragon in a cultural dance repertoire. My roles improved slightly after that.

The lights, energy, and camaraderie of being in a performance drew me in.

As did one particular storyteller who held me spellbound, namely my elementary teacher, Ms.White.

She embraced vintage, wore scarlet red lipstick, styled white blonde hair, and was glamorous in every way in my 9-year-old opinion

She held my rapt attention but more importantly, she nurtured a passion in me for story, theater, and self-expression.

I learned to read with zeal, conviction, and a greater connection to the text.

My report card at the end of that year read;

"Judith has a delicious wit, she's vivacious, bubbly, and full of sparkle!" Such a good judge of character. 

I bring that essence with me in and out of the booth.

Add A Bit Of Brit

Ever wondered what all of our quirky colloquialisms really mean? 

They might spark an idea for you for your next explainer video, corporate narration, or E-Learning.  Here's some British banter which includes common phrases and sayings..... they may come in handy next time you're in conversation with a Brit.  You'll be talking like a local in no time.

Lost the plot
Pop to the shops
Porky Pies
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