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A little about me:

What feels like a lifetime ago, I moved with our young family to the USA from London and despite living here for 23 years and counting, it's fair to say that I will never sound like a local. 

It does make for a great conversation starter though, which is never a bad thing for someone who enjoys meeting new people. 

I live in the historic town of Waxhaw, on the outskirts of the "Queen City", Charlotte, NC.​

Becoming an empty nester provided me with the perfect opportunity to pursue voice acting although I've always found myself in some form or acting or narration.

I love a great story and one particular storyteller who held me spellbound was my elementary teacher,

Ms. White.

She had my rapt attention but she also nurtured a passion in me for theater, the arts, and self-expression. 

Ms. White embraced vintage, wore scarlet red lipstick, styled white blonde hair, and was glamorous in every way in my  9-year-old opinion.

More importantly, she taught me to read with zeal, she encouraged me to read with conviction and a greater understanding of the text.

My report card at the end of that year read;

"Judith has a delicious wit, she's vivacious, bubbly, and full of sparkle!"   

I tend to think that life generally needs more sparkle so I bring this energy into the booth, and enjoy the variety of voicing scripts that come my way.


From thought to reality

Fast forward quite a few years with several narrations for on-stage productions and requests to bring life to dull copy in numerous circumstances and I circled back to how I could intentionally make a living using my voice. 

Most people are familiar with commercials and audiobooks but the voice-over industry is so vast and offers opportunities in many genres. 

So using my acting know-how and my God-given accent, I decided it was time to investigate a way to make this work for me as I found myself with time and capacity to give to it.  I figured it was time to begin this journey. 

After months of learning, coaching, and understanding my niche for where my voice would fit, I launched into the entrepreneur realm as a female voice artist and The Voice of Judith Bareham became a reality.

Listen to some very British samples...

Lost the plot
Baby words

Life outside the booth


The great outdoors is my happy place be it hiking, kayaking, practicing Barre, yoga, or flower gardening, and I'm there amidst the butterflies and bees. 
A foodie, always searching for new places to eat, vineyards, and breweries to discover. 
I've been a believer in Christ since age 13, and am active in my local church alongside my husband who is a Pastor on staff and I serve in various ministries.
I keep up to speed with our grandson and Formula 1 (both equally fast). But to wind down? 
Give me a novel, a comfy chair, and an Old Fashioned and I'm a happy girl.. 

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