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I'm a Surrey girl, born in Croydon, UK, but I flew the coop to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, some considerable time ago. 

I may have settled here in Charlotte NC, but my roots are undeniably British.


I've always been creative; theater, choir, orchestra, anything performance-related and I was and still am, all about it.  

In high school, my report card read, "Judith is vivacious, effervescent, bubbly and full of sparkle."

Given my love for bubbly as I grew up, it was incredibly fitting.


As I read to my children over the years, animating their toys and stories, and as friends would urge me to, "Read books for a living", or " Come in and do our office training - your voice is great for it",  I began to seriously consider voice over.

So after raising our family and releasing them from the coop, I pursued it fully.  


But what of those moments when I am not in a dark recording booth?

I'm a Christ-follower, Mimi to an adorable little grandson Theodore, who keeps me on my toes, kayak with my husband, try to cultivate an English garden, and bake.

Period dramas - absolutely, because I love anything historical.

I keep up to speed with the world of Formula 1 and fully intend on owning either a Mclaren or an Aston Martin Vantage.....either-or.

And at the end of the day, my favorite way to unwind is with a book and a quality Bourbon. 


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