A British Blend



I am a Surrey girl, born in Croydon, UK, but I flew the coop to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave some considerable time ago.  I have settled here but my roots are undeniably British.


I love a well-crafted story, the power of words in general, and so conveying a message through voice-over, adding nuance and emotions, be they serious or fun, and delivering a line well, this is what inspires me. 

It really matters to make words sound their best. 


I think at one time or another we have all cringed at a poorly read audio-book, or narrative.  Back in the day of CD's I would know instantly whether or not I could stick with a narrator within the first opening sentences of a chapter.

With that experience I determined to be a narrator and voice actor who would draw audiences in with my delivery and come back for more.


Helping clients to maximize their impact with existing or a potential customer base, is for me, integral to the core of delivering quality voice-over.

Before I launched into this career path, I worked in the hospitality industries, insurance for the briefest of spells and home-schooled my two sons which tested every fiber of my patience but was by far, the most rewarding road I have ever embarked upon.  

In my family, I was the creative one, always in a play, a choir, an orchestra; anything performance related.  I studied Theater in high school but didn't believe I had what it took to pursue it in college. The comparison game was in full swing at that tender age, and I carefully tucked away my fragile dreams for a rainy day.  

Over the years reading to my children and animating their toys and stories, I allowed a glimpse of those hidden dreams to surface periodically.  

That and people often remarking on how I should read for a living or use my voice to bring life to their dull work copy.

Some years later, when time and opportunity allowed, I beckoned those dreams to emerge and give them a voice.

But what of those moments when I am not thinking, living and breathing voice over?  


I'm a Mom, Mimi to a Grandson, a Christ follower, and support my husband in his role as Pastor. 

I watch Grand Tour with my guys, and fully intend on owning either a Mclaren, Aston Martin, or a Lamborghini......but I am stumped on the color, so that reality may be a while off yet.

I binge on period t.v. dramas, up-cycle most anything, consider myself a yogi, a foodie, read whenever I have the opportunity to and always with a cup of Earl Grey tea in hand, with a biscuit to dunk. 

I especially love to paint and create watercolors when time allows, for friends and family.  

I have a fondness for all things vintage, enjoy throwing or attending a costume party, so yes, I have a flair for the dramatic.


Growing up a teacher once described me in a school report as; 

"Vivacious, effervescent, bubbly and full of sparkle".

Which sounds like a beautifully balanced bottle of Champagne. 

Bubbles do bring out the best in people, they're fun, and lend a sparkle to life. 

And I for one am all about that!


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