A British Blend



I'm a Surrey girl, born in Croydon, UK, but I flew the coop to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, some considerable time ago. 


I have settled here in Charlotte NC, but my roots are undeniably British.


I love a well-crafted story and conveying nuance and emotions, be they serious or fun, and delivering a line well, this is what voice over is to me. 

It really does matter to make words sound their best. 


We've all at some point sat through dull and dreary training sessions listening to monotone instructors. Or listened to an audiobook perhaps thinking, "Do they even LIKE what they're reading?" it was that tedious. 

I know instantly whether or not I can stick with a narrator within the first opening sentences of a chapter.


With this in mind,  I determined to be a voice actor who would draw audiences in with my delivery and return for more.


The desire to deliver great customer service has always been part of what I do. I worked in the hospitality and tourism industries, insurance for the briefest of spells, finally home-schooling my two sons which tested every fiber of my patience but was by far, the most rewarding road I've embarked upon.  

I've always been a creative; theater, choir, orchestra, monologues, anything performance-related and I'm there. 


Reading to my children, animating their toys and stories, and as friends would remark about how I should read for a living or how they could use me in their office to liven up training, I began to think about voice over.

But what of those moments when I am not in a dark, sound-treated room?

I'm a Mom, a Mimi, a Christ-follower, and support my husband in his role as Pastor. 

I watch Grand Tour and Formula 1 with my guys, and fully intend on owning either a Mclaren, Aston Martin, or a Lamborghini......but I am stumped on the color, so that reality may be a while off yet.

Period dramas absolutely, I up-cycle most anything, consider myself a yogi, a foodie, read whenever I have the opportunity to and always with a cup of tea in hand, with a biscuit to dunk. 

I have a fondness for all things vintage, enjoy throwing or attending a costume party, so yes, I have a flair for the dramatic.


A teacher once described me as, "Vivacious, effervescent, bubbly and full of sparkle."

That's fair - still bubbly and bringing sparkle to what I do.                     


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