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The world of voice-over is a diverse, and fun place to hang out in, but for a client needing to search for unique talent, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Time pressures, aligning with scheduling and production delivery dates, you need to know that the talent you book can grasp your creative concept, work with your budget and deliver the end product promptly.

As a problem solver, I love the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacle, so my aim is to help you experience the win, and feel confident about your project and the voice behind it!

Sure you may have someone in-house who can provide the narration for your museum audio, corporate narration or explainer video but not everyone has an engaging voice and the wrong read can spoil a well-developed script. 

We've all listened to dull webinars that have lost our attention five minutes in.  You want to avoid that kind of negative feedback. 

When you experience the collaboration working well, everyone is a happy customer.  And who doesn't love the feel-good factor?


And when those last-minute projects come up, don't waste precious time searching for a talent who might or might not fit the brief.  Minimize the risk.  Head over to my contact page. 

I will ensure your copy sounds engaging and perks up the ears of your audience.

And what if you need British English but maybe with some added variety thrown in?

My tag line, "Add a bit of brit " is a feature of my work but not solely what I do. I use regional UK dialects in some of the genres I work in.

They might spark an idea for you for your next explainer video, corporate narration, or E-Learning.  


My voice fits the mid-20s to middle age range, is bright warm, and friendly..... but I can turn and travel the darker foreboding route aka Narnia snow Queen or Maleficent should you want the dark side. 

Working directly with me will ensure you have the freedom to focus on your to-do list.  

Be it warm, and soft,  bright and entertaining, you have the project, I have the voice, so let's discuss what you have in mind and get started!


British speak 

Ever wondered what all of our quirky colloquialisms really mean? 

Here's some British banter which includes common phrases and sayings..... they may come in handy next time you're in conversation with a Brit. You'll be talking like a local in no time.

Pop to the shops
Not being Funny
Porky Pies
Baby words


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