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Bright & British Voiceover

The Voice of Judith Bareham.
"Add a bit of Brit" to your next project.  


Hi, I'm Judith.

While it's true that you can take the girl out of London, you can't take London (specifically her accent) out of the girl.

I rely on my South East regional accent for the bulk of my voice work but I bring even more to the table with my dialects and accents which means you have options to choose from.

My voice compliments educational, Corporate Narration, E-Learning and empathetic scripts. 

Listen to demos from my most requested genres below.



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Image by Artturi Jalli


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How can I help you?

If you're searching for a specific voice for your project, the task of finding the right talent can be time-consuming and frustrating if you have to plow through dozens of reels not really knowing what the end result might be.

I aim to eliminate those issues from the start and help you feel confident in choosing my voice. 


We're all long on tasks and short on time, so if you're under pressure, and have to align recording, scheduling, and production delivery dates, you need to know that the talent you book can grasp your creative concept, and deliver the end product promptly. 

Sure, you can use someone in-house who can record the narration for your HR training, corporate narration, or explainer video and it might save you money. 

But if it's not in their wheelhouse it will sound like it. 

The wrong read can undo the best of a well-written script. 

You can avoid all of these unknowns working with me.

Let me alleviate your stress, help you experience the win, and feel great about your project.

What are you waiting for? 

Here's my process

We discuss details of the brief, timelines & agree the rate.

I send you a quote.

You confirm the script and booking.

Need a demo sample? Just ask.

I record the creative bit, and deliver it to you in your preferred format.


You listen, love it and give the final approval, 

I invoice you for preferred payment and I say "Thanks" and "Cheerio" until next time.


"Judith is a joy to work with!

She's communicative and always professional, and returns work in a timely manner. She consistently provides a quality read of each script and her accent brings a unique and inviting tone to each program!"

Jen Ransome, His Productions Radio

More about the Voice of Judith Bareham

    Pure Hope educating families 

  Faith-based project Southbrookchurch 


Judiith has recorded books this year for us with exceptional quality and professionalism.  Our proofers say she is "amazing" and has "an exceptional voice". She takes time to get to know the voice required for the read and to ensure her studio audio is above par. We appreciate her dedication and look forward to working wtih her for future projects. 

Sarah Adams ONE Audiobooks

Clients and agent representation

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Got questions about rates? 

The question of rates matters to you and me so let's get it out of the way.

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