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                                                                          British is best or so we Brits like to think......


It certainly works in your favor when you want to sound that little bit special.

You can be confident that my voice will allow the core of your message to shine front and center.


If you're responsible for corporate training, and you've received this kind of feedback, "I fell asleep during the E-Learning training,  the vocals were so dull.... we need someone who's engaging and conversational",

then I can help.


If you're looking for a British talent who offers a bit more than well just British, then  I can help with that too. 

I like to depart from my natural-born accent occasionally and mix things up with a UK dialect or accent.

Anytime you want to inject some individuality into your explainer video, commercial or narration copy, they're a good choice. 

Head over and listen to my accents work.  

Here are some questions that often come my way, so let me guide you; 

"I'm not fully decided on the age range and sound I need - can you provide me with some options?

Yes, my voice range from mid 20's to middle age, is "bright, warm, friendly", but don't be fooled...I can voice "foreboding, and ominous", (think Narnia Snow Queen or Maleficent).


"That's great, but I'm more in need of a corporate professional sound for my webinars, real estate video or training sessions..." 

I've got you covered. Whether it's E-learning, Realtor estate to sell those properties, Human Resources and Corporate training, or Explainer Video, I deliver an informative, engaging, and friendly vocal. 

Creating a unique sound for you will ensure your company stands out from the crowd.

By working directly with me, it will ensure you have the freedom to focus on your to-do list.  

Be it polished and precise, bubbly and bright, you have the project, I have the voice, so let's discuss what you have in mind and get started!  CONTACT ME