...a proper, persuasive  

and polished Brit



A British voice evokes a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, is straightforward and to the point.                      My voice lends itself to that very notion, and I will ensure your message cuts through the clamor.

So much meaning can be lost or gained in the delivery of a line.  And you the client needs that to work for you. Every time.


Working directly with me will save you just that - precious time. 

The endless searches on talent websites can be tedious and I respect your need to voice your project within a specific deadline. While you may have a grasp of the sound you desire, the process of  finding it amidst myriad British voices available, can delay you moving forward. 


If all that British dependability sounds too predictable, consider an alternative accent or dialect. 

I offer several from across the UK and that difference in delivery can enhance how you are trying to reach

your target audience.

When your copy requires a voice with a tweak of lightheartedness, or you are seeking something unique for your animation, I bring charming characters into play, from my darker wicked females, to the more quirky yet relatable personalities.    


Is it time you spruced up stodgy corporate seminars, revitalized your e-learning or need to bring nuance to your narrative? Then may I suggest that together we discuss your needs?


You can count on me to convey every word, properly, persuasively and with polish.



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