The story of the Brit who flew across the pond   


I'm a Surrey girl, born in South London, UK, but I flew the coop to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, some considerable time ago. 

I'm fully settled here in a different South , specifically, Charlotte, NC, and live in a charming historic town.

I've always been creative and drawn to performance of some kind; acting, choir, dance, orchestra. If it had a theatrical component I was and still am all about it.  

In high school, one of my teacher's report cards read, "Judith is vivacious, effervescent, bubbly, and full of sparkle."   He nailed it honestly. 

As we raised our young family, I would animate their toys and stories, creating voices for the characters.   

Now, I often get to read to preschoolers at church, teaching the lesson whilst ensuring it's entertaining and engaging. to keep their attention!


Which in turn got me thinking about how I could use my voice as a service for others, be it in education, corporate training, real estate, tourism, and beyond. 

If through my voice I can better engage a child, a client or an employer to have an "A-ha" moment and be encouraged, then that's a win in my view.

So, as life and time allowed I launched my voice-over business. 

I like nothing more than stepping in my booth to narrate, conjure up new characters, voice e-learning scripts, connect with listeners on radio stations, bringing passion and energy to what I do. Simply put - when I thrive my clients thrive.


But what of those moments when I am not in a dark recording booth?

I love to be outdoors, always gardening and planting more flowers. walking my dog, hiking, and kayaking in the abundant mountains and lakes NC has to offer. My husband and I are foodies for sure so we're always in search of new places to eat.

As a Christ-follower, I enjoy the community of my local church and support my husband who pastors there.


I can't resist a period drama to feed my love of costume and history and 

I keep up to speed with the world of Formula 1 to satisfy my car itch and am fully intent on owning an Aston Martin Vantage one Navy, cream interior.


And to wind down?  Give me a book, a comfy chair, and a smoky, smooth Old Fashioned - we'll be friends forever.