Let me know what you have in mind, and the budget you are working with and we can discuss how to make it happen!
I can review your requirements via email (or a call if you prefer) I may have a few questions but here's what working with me looks like.

(Rates will vary according to the type and length of the project, and what delivery platform it is for, but I am happy to advise you).  

What you can expect from me;

  • Quality recording in a professional sound booth

  • Editing, mastering, and delivery of files in the format of your choice (WAV or MP3 )

  • Minor revisions-two complimentary rounds. 

  • Delivery typically within 24 -48 hours

  • Delivery via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google drive

  • Sessions available via Skype/zoom/Source Connect 

Non- Union
Operating on Eastern Daylight Time