September 24, 2018

Last week I was having the best flat white I have had the pleasure of drinking in a long while, in a delightful coffee shop, aptly named,

'Bean in Dingle'. ( you know, where Leap Year was filmed?).

If you ever find yourself there, I recommend you pop in.

I spied these ado...

September 10, 2018

My muse today is Bears and by that I refer to teddy bears;  we all have a particular furry friend, don’t we?

Missing an eye perhaps or a button, or a nose fondly rubbed away.

The love of a bear cannot be underestimated. And I consider a narrative bear to be no less...

September 4, 2018

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin".

That was always an invitation from the BBC storyteller, for me to get comfy

and rest a while because it meant a lost hour of some other world was soon to be experienced.

Listening to stories be it around a dinner table, a fi...

August 27, 2018

This week I am investigating Laryngeal Phonetics and engaging in techniques for strengthening my voice as taught to me by my Speech therapist, Lori Sutton from

Charlotte Eye, Ear,Nose and Throat (CEENTA).

In a previous post, I talked about my problem with throat weakness...

August 20, 2018

I confess I find it hard to fathom when I hear people say they have never visited their local library.

What to do with this piece of information?

You see, locating and joining a library has been for me as important as ensuring our utilities are switched back on when we m...

August 13, 2018

Setbacks or injuries - we all experience them at some point in our lives. Sometimes warranted because of carelessness perhaps, but often because even when we follow correct procedures, take precautions and have good intentions we still experience problems.

Much like wit...

August 7, 2018

This week as August arrived, it had me reminiscing about finishing up school for the Summer as a kid in England, (because August for me still means vacation). 

But more specifically, recalling those last wonderful days of the school term which heralded the soon to be we...

July 30, 2018

In small ways every day.

Our family motto.

Well back when our family was young and growing.

Born out of trying to instill a kind, helpful atmosphere in our home while our kids were growing up and not so into the pulling together and helping speak life to one another phase...

July 24, 2018

I don’t care a whole lot for being new to something.

I really don't like the learning curve.

I am one of those people who likes to be in the know.

I love the behind scenes, the details of why something came to be.

I like that sense of familiarity when I don’t need the map...

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