The Accent Collection

You may be familiar with the party game, "Accentuate".

I am rubbish at it oddly enough.  Probably due to the fact I typically pull the card from the pile which reads,  "Rap the following rhyme in a Chicago accent". A rapper I am not.


But observing people around me and on screen is a fascinating exercise and has helped to create my "quirks and mannerisms" for bringing life to my characters.

Much to my family's chagrin, I will find myself mumbling a line under my breath to copy the intonation, and prosody, and imprint it to memory for when I create said "friends".


The musicality of language is so interesting to me, not only in the way we inflect, but the physicality involved in producing words, far beyond just the end result of sound. 

Many of the UK accents lend a softness and element of familiarity which enhances the feel good factor of trusting from whom you are buying. In fact, studies have proved that particular dialects are used for targeting specific markets because of the trust and confidence it engenders. 

When I read any story for work or pleasure, I immediately assign an accent or voice to a given character. 

There are some accents which I have gravitated towards and over the years have become my solid favorites. 

You can discover which accent you require on The Collection page.  

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